5 days Advanced workshop with Gayle Porter

Travel restrictions for Australia have been eased, and as one of her first acitvities, Gayle Porter is coming to Denmark to give a 5 days advanced PODD workshop.

The workshop is held January 31. – February 4, 2022 in Copenhagen.

This advanced PODD workshop is for people who have completed at least a two day Official Introductory PODD workshop and are seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills.

The workshop aims to build on current knowledge, and Gayle Porter provides participants with an in-depth knowledge of the theory and principles behind PODD and the structure of PODD communication.

Focus is on building fluid use of PODD, refining observations and assess­ments, planning implementation and strategies for training communication partners.

Participation in an advanced PODD course is a prerequisite for starting the process for becoming certified PODD instructor.

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Download workshop flyer with further information.

Registration via www.podd.eu/signup.